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Laser Cut Seed Box

Every year we plant extensive vegetable gardens from seed. As a result we end up with tons of seeds packets kicking around. It felt about time I tackle some storage to can keep them organized, and therefore easy to use year to year as possible. My passion for seeds aside, this is a laser cut box project. Swap out the graphic and this could be used for anything.

Also… to add some visual interest to the laser cut box joints I have each set of sides as a different thickness of wood, and type of wood. This was a small design element that paid off in a big way, and is something that can be carried into any range of laser cut projects.

I designed the main box for our Laguna EX laser that can cut through 1/2 material, but also designed an alternative design that is Glowforge friendly.

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I Made Window Boxes on the Laser Cutter!

I made window boxes on the laser cutter!

The front windows have desperately needed sprucing up and I finally bit the bullet and I made some Laser Cut Window Boxes. Pretty cool I think. Here’s what else is cool about them: I used local Sugar Maple slabs that we milled and dried ourselves. This was the first time I’ve tried cutting slab wood on the big laser cutter and it went pretty darn well… mostly. You’ll have to watch and see what I mean.


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