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Garden Gate Rectangle Featured Image

Easy DIY Garden Gate

Today we are making a Vegetable Garden Gate. Earlier in the year we rebuilt our vegetable garden and didn’t get around to giving it a gate. Well… the garden is starting to produce vegetables daily and the bunnies have taken notice. We desperately needed this garden gate and had a great time making it.

This is a bit of a rambunctious build but I promise theres a tutorial hidden in there and these techniques are all transferable to a wide range of builds.

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Laser Cut Piggy Bank Downloadable Project Files

Laser Cut Leather Piggy Bank Downloadable Files

This piggy bank opens at the snout, and makes for the perfect place to keep extra change and cash. The pattern is scalable as well as long as the slots for the wings to fit in are adjusted so this can be made as big or small as you want it, with or without the wings. Enjoy!


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