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Air Dancer Thumbnail
Making a Leaf Blower Powered Inflatable Air Dancer!

Today we are making a leaf blower powered Inflatable-Flailing-Arm-Dancing-Thing…. waving inflatable tube guy…. wacky waving tube man…We still aren’t really sure what these are called. But you get it: The Car Dealership Things.

We wanted to make one powered by our Makita 18v Blower… or rather see if we could. We started this build unsure if it was going to even be feasible for the size finished guy we were hoping for.

We love projects that use a wide range of tools and processes, and this wound up being one of those. Making this used the See Me CNC 3D printers, sewing machines, and our Laguna EX Laser Cutter. We hope this makes you smile as much as it made us smile 🙂

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Shoe Rack Thumbnail
Making a DIY Shoe Rack (An Easy Woodworking Project)

I have a shoe mountain problem, and today I’m making the solution: a shoe rack. Which is quite exciting.

Really I should have made some sort of shoe organizer a long time ago.

I’ve also been looking forward to tackling a woodworking project for a while now. Between the two of us, Michael is the faster woodworker so whenever we have woodworking tasks on a time crunch, typically he handles them. But I wanted to take out some time just for myself to practice.

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