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Laser Ready Wood Sample Cube

Laser Ready Wood Sample Cube

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A sampling of our laser ready sheets of hardwood.  Each cube contains a mix of quarter and eighth inch thick pieces that are 4 x 4 inches big.  Each code contains a random assortment of thicknesses and species that were milled at Makers Workshop.  Each 4×4 cube contains between 14 and 30 pieces depending on thickness.  Each cube will contain a minimum of three different species, often times more than three.

All of our wood is salvaged from storm damage and trees that were coming down locally.

The 4×4 sheet size is a great way to experiment with different varieties of hardwood in an economical way.  Perfect for jewelry making, ring dishes, coaster sets, and a lot more great projects!

Species may include a mix of any of the following: Cherry, Walnut, Hickory, Elm, Pin Oak, Red Oak, Mulberry, Maple, Various Sap woods, and other domestic hardwoods native to New England.

Please Note: Each cube is a random selection of species and thicknesses, we can not accommodate specific requests for thickness or species.


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