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  • Michael Denault

    Michael is a creative and skilled maker with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Roger Williams University. He has a concentration in large-scale metal fabrication and photography and has been honing his craft for many years. Michael has worked with a variety of mediums, including metal fabrication, glassblowing, and jewelry design and fabrication.

    Michael also produces the popular YouTube show Michael Makes It on the Makers Workshop YouTube Channel.

  • Brooke Denault

    Brooke is an experienced and passionate educator with over eight years of experience teaching and developing specialized STEM curriculum for students in grades 1-12. Her programs have been implemented in hundreds of classrooms since the start of her career. Brooke is dedicated to combining engineering and science with visual art and design in both her own work and in the classroom.

    She is also the host of Brooke Makes It, a popular YouTube show on the Makers Workshop YouTube Channel.

  • Sid Salunkhe

    Sid is a Mechanical Engineer with a Bachelor’s degree from Georgia Tech. He has a keen interest in the maker community and has been actively involved in it. Sid’s specialties include electronics, software engineering, and CNC equipment, including laser cutters, CNC routers, and 3D printers. He is passionate about learning new design software for all the machines he works with.

    Sid also likes to contribute to the design work the space needs, whether it be smaller laser cut files for using scrap wood or making furniture on the CNC.