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3D Printed Lighthouse Downloadable Files

3D Printed Lighthouse Downloadable Files

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Here are the downloadable project files for the 3D Printed Lighthouse I made for this years Total Boat Holiday Make Off. This was for a holiday build but this same design would make a great project year round. -Michael
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  • Project Notes

    Step One: Print each layer in contrasting tones of PLA 3D Printer Filament

    Step Two: Print Trim in Black PLA filament

    Step Three: Print Door in a neutral toned PLA filament to look like wood and window pane sections in clear PLA filament

    Step Four: Sand pieces until they are smooth and stack neatly.

    Step Five: Glue pieces together using Total Boat 4-Minute Epoxy

    Step Six: (Optional) Add a bulb to the top and wire a circuit so that it can light up just like a real light house/

  • Suggested Materials

    Contrasting Tones of PLA Filament (for the Lighthouse Stripes) I used…

    mint green:

    and white:

    Black PLA for Lighthouse Trim:

    Neutral PLA for Lighthouse Door:

    Clear PLA Filament:

    Total Boat 4-Minute Epoxy:


    Color Changing LED Light: