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Laser Cut Ugly Heart Downloadable Files

Laser Cut Ugly Heart Downloadable Files

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Use this file however you want; scale it big or scale it small. I cut it in wenge, filled it with resin, and then added marquis lights to hang on the wall. Have fun with it! -Brooke
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  • Project Notes

    Here is how I used this file to make an oversized Laser Cut Heart. It is just one way to use this file download. You can have fun with it and make it your own 🙂

    Step 1: Prep an even sheet of Wenge evenly to 1/2″ thick

    Step 2: Laser cut the heart design

    Step 3: Apply painter’s tape to one side of the wood, pressing down HARD to ensure well adhered.

    Step 4: Apply a coat of Total Boat High Performance Epoxy with a Fast Hardener using a sponge brush to all interior seams and allow to completely harden. This will also keep the painter’s tape secure on the back of the heart. A medium or slow hardener will work for this as well, but will take longer to set.

    Step 5: Once the first layer of Epoxy has hardened the openings can be filled with resin colored with pigments of your choice.

    Step 6: Allow to cure completely and then remove painter’s tape and sand to a 220 grit. Finish with Osmo, or  finish of your choice.

    Step 7: I added electronics. However, this can be hung as-is as well.

  • Suggested Materials

    1/2″ Hardwood, evenly planed (can be scaled down to accommodate lasers that can only cut up to 1/4″)

    Total Boat High Performance Epoxy, Fast Hardener

    Total Boat High Performance Epoxy, Medium Hardener

    Pigments of your choice

    Painter’s Tape

    Sand Paper

    Osmo Finish

    Electronics (Optional)