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Laser Cut Rubber Stamp Downloadable Files

Laser Cut Rubber Stamp Downloadable Files

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Use these files to make Laser Cut Rubber Stamps. They're quick and easy to complete for a fun personalized addition to gift wrapping and cards. Enjoy :) -Brooke
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  • Project Notes

    Step 1: Be sure you are using laserable stamp rubber. Laser Engrave the black sections of your chosen rubber stamp design as a fill. I used a 300 speed at 90 power on my Glowforge, but I highly recommend doing a few test engraves on your laser first. Set the red lines to then cut your shape out entirely.

    Step 2: The engrave will produce quite a bit of ash. I cleaned my stamp with a damp paper towel.

    Step 3: Laser cut the corresponding backer piece for your chosen stamp from 1/4″ thick laser ready sheet or scrap plywood.

    Step 4: Sand the charring off the wood

    Step 5: Coat the wood well with wood glue and place your rubber stamp on top, applying pressure.

    Step 6: Let dry, and enjoy!

  • Suggested Materials

    Laser Safe Rubber Stamp Sheet

    1/4″ Laser Ready Sheet or Plywood