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Laser Cut Mason Jar Flower Vase

Laser Cut Mason Jar Flower Vase

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This laser cut vase was designed to fit snuggle over a 32 oz. glass mason jar and hold fresh flowers. I built mine out of draft board and poplar but this is easily adaptable to any 1/8" thick laser safe material. 

Suggested Materials:

1/8" thick laser safe material

Super Glue and Accelerator 

32 oz. Mason Jar

Finish (optional)


Project Notes:

1. Laser cut all disks out of 1/8" thick laser safe material. Each disk has a letter label and stacks alphabetically with disk "A" at the very bottom of the design. 

2. Assemble the laser cut disks one at a time with superglue between each layer. Assemble the disk over the mason jar to keep them square, however the disks do not need to be glued to the glass jar, just to each other. 

3.  Apply finish to vase, if desired.

4. Fill jar with water, add fresh flowers, and enjoy. 


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