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Laser Cut Gingerbread Clock Tower Downloadable Files

Laser Cut Gingerbread Clock Tower Downloadable Files

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On the off chance that someone else wants to tackle this challenge: here's the files I used to make my Laser Cut Gingerbread Clock Tower! Have fun :) -Brooke
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  • Project Notes

    1. Bake sheets of construction gingerbread using a recipe of your choosing. There’s plenty of great options online but be sure you’re using one meant for constructing with… not for eating (necessarily). I rolled sheets for the base layers to a uniform 1/4″ thickness and sheets for top layers to a uniform 1/8″ thickness.
    2. Allow sheet to cool on a FLAT SURFACE so that they are as flat as possible before laser cutting.
    3. Start by laser cutting the base pieces. Laser settings will vary based on your gingerbread recipe and laser cutter but I ended up needing to use relatively high settings to get a clean cut.
    4. Assemble small sections of the gingerbread house at a time and let it overnight.
    5. Put each section together once royal icing has hardened… and tah dah!
  • Suggested Materials

    A plywood Base

    Sheets of Construction Gingerbread Recipe of choice, rolled to 1/4″ thick (you’re going to need A LOT)

    Royal Icing:

    6 Cups Powdered Sugar

    4 Egg Whites

    1 tsp. Cream of Tartar