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Laser Cut Evening Bag

Laser Cut Evening Bag

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Here are the files to laser cut your own leather and wood evening bag. You could also cut this out of acrylic for a different look. This one is super fun and functional. Enjoy!


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  • Project Notes

    Step One: Prep outer shell material of choice by sanding and finishing if needed. Cover on both sides with masking material and laser cut outer shell.

    Step Two: Peel off masking material and pressure fit magnets into their spots on the outer shell by tapping with a rubber mallet and flooding the backside with glue. Allow glue to completely set.

    Step Three: Laser cut lining pattern out of leather then sew leather lining pieces together.

    Step Four: Laser cut accent material and place over the magnets on what will become the exterior of the handbag. Place the lining inside the shell and line up stitching holes. Stitch accent leather, shell, and lining together with a running stitch along both rows of stitching holes.

    Step Five: Repeat on other side of evening bag.