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Laser Cut Eggplant Valentines Downloadable Files

Laser Cut Eggplant Valentines Downloadable Files

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Put a smile on your friends' faces this Valentine's Day with this easy laser cut DIY. Enjoy -Brooke
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  • Project Notes

    Step One: Laser Cut sunglasses, eyes, mouths, and pegs on 1/8″ laser-safe material of your choice. If you scale the design, be sure NOT to scale the pegs or the peg holes on each piece. These are designed specifically to work with 1/8″ thick material

    Step Two: Decorate with spray paint if you want, before or after peeling off your masking material. Maybe add some glitter? Have fun with it. It’s not that deep.

    Step Three: Press pegs into an eggplant and then perch your features on the pegs.

    Step Four: Give these to your friends as Valentines and I promise they’ll crack a smile 🙂

  • Suggested Materials

    1/8″ Thick Laserable Material of Choice

    Spray Paint (Optional)