Popcorn Bucket Project Files

Snack on popcorn in style with this CNC Routed Resin Inlay Popcorn Bucket.
CNC Router Popcorn Bucket

Project Notes

  1. Start with a planed flat sheet of 1/2″ solid wood on your CNC Router bed. Route out stripes, not going all the way through the wood leaving a thin base to each cavity. Leave in place on the CNC bed and fill with resin. Let cure.
  2. Route out the words “Pop Pop Pop.” Fill with contrasting resin in place on the CNC bed. Let cure.
  3. Cut on the red lines, leaving tabs.
  4. Flip and plane off thin wood base revealing finished bucket pieces. A drum sander or alternative sanding methods can be used for this step.
  5. Add a 45 degree miter to the edge of each piece and a pocket about 1/2″ from the bottom of each side for the bottom to sit within. (this can be done with a CNC or manual router)
  6. Fold bucket pieces around base and glue with Titebond III wood glue. Use painter’s tape to help clamp in place.
  7. Finish with any food safe finish.

Suggested Materials

1/2″ Thick Solid Wood 1/4″ Thick Solid Wood for base Resin Pigments Titebond III Woodglue Cutting Board Oil
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