Laser Cut Seed Box Project Files

We love gardening and trying out new varieties of plants in our garden.  The downside?  Well the seed packets build up and end up all over the place. This simple laser cut seed box was my solution.  It will hold any size seed packet and they can be stacked to keep them nice and orderly while waiting for the next time you need them. The graphic can be easily swapped out if you would prefer to use the box design for something else instead of seeds.
Seed Box Clipped Featured Square Image

Project Notes

Includes all the files needed for 4 different versions of the seed box.

(1) Small Box with 1/2 inch face

(1) Large Box with 1/2 inch face

(1) Small Box with 1/4 inch face (Glowforge Friendly)

(1) Large Box with 1/4 inch face (Glowforge Friendly)

Suggested Materials

1/8 inch Plywood 1/4 inch Plywood 1/2 inch Plywood (Dependent on style of box that you are cutting)
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