Laser Cut Lemon Wedge Swizzle Sticks

This file makes the perfect swizzle stick for summery drinks, or the perfect summery touch to a bouquet of flowers. Change out the colors and it can be a lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit. Endless options.
Laser Cut Resin Lemon Bouquet

Project Notes

Method 1:

  1. Cut out of a brightly colored acrylic, or other food safe material. (file is scalable)
  2. Peel off masking material.
  3. Pop it into your cold summer drinks.


Method 2:

  1. Cut out of 1/4″ thick solid hardwood (file is scalable)
  2. Leave masking material on and firmly apply painter’s tape over it to the bottom of the open cavities in the lemon.
  3. Mix together some epoxy and color with pigments of your choice.
  4. Fill the lemon cavities with epoxy and let harden,
  5. Remove painter’s tap and sand until epoxy is flush with the hardwood up to a 220 grit.
  6. Apply a waterproof finish over the top. If using as a swizzle stick use a food safe finish.

Suggested Materials

1/8″ or 1/4″ Hardwood (Makers Workshop Laser Ready Sheets are perfect)


1/8″ or 1/4″ Acrylic

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