Glowing Dragonfly Project Files

I've been picturing this concept for a while and can't wait to share what I put together. This project is great for a range of experience-levels while incorporating a wide range of processes; laser cutting, 3D Printing, and wiring (Although this could be completed and just as cool without being a lit piece.) I love this glowing oversized dragonfly and I am so excited to share this file set with you.
Laser Cut Dragonfly Files

Project Notes

Files Include:

Dragonfly Wings, Laser Cut

Dragonfly Body, 3D Printed


Suggested Materials

1/8″ Clear Acrylic PLA Filament, I used Black but any color will do Copper Wire Sugru Moldable Glue Filler Primer (optional) Metallic Spray Paint (optional) 4 Led Lights (optional) 1 Rocker Switch (optional) Battery Pack (optional; this is linked to the one I used, but I think it could use a little more gusto if you want)
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