Laser Cut Citrus Handbag

Laser Cut Citrus Handbag Project Files

My latest passion project has been perfecting the design for this citrus-inspired laser cut living hinge handbag design. Engrave the front design, or cut it out and resin fill it with colors of your choosing. I cut mine from Mulberry Laser Ready Sheets and opted for an orange and yellow resin pour to make an orange (or lemon) wedge. However I also think with different wood/ resin combos this would make a great lime or grapefruit as well.



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CNC Bar Stool Seat Featured Image
Michael Denault

CNC 3D Stool Files

My sister needed a new stool to replace a broken one in her kitchen. I modeled this one loosely inspired by the original IKEA design. It is a great intermediate / advanced CNC project incorporating 3D carving techniques and a two sided carve. I’m happy with how it came out and it was a fun challenge to take on.

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