LED Fiber Optic Nightlight Files

This is the same design that we used to make the LED Table Numbers for Michaels sisters wedding.  The included panels are more universal then the one we used in the video and you can easily swap out one of the included designs fora custom image.
LED Nightlight Thumbnail

Project Notes

Included Files:

3D Printed Light Base

A selection of laser cut engraved panels to choose from.

The parts were designed to fit specific electrical components, affiliate links can be found in the suggested materials for the exact parts that we used in ours.

Suggested Materials

LED Panel 1/8″ CLEAR Acrylic. We used Hatchbox PLA for the 3D Printed Parts but any filament should work. Affiliate links for the electrical components that we used: 3 Volt LED Light CR2023 Battery Holder Mini Rocker Switch 18 AWG Wire Hot Glue Heat Shrink Tubes Wago Connectors
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