Laser Cut Pizza Peel Template Files

Brooke used these files in the Brooke Makes It episode on making a pizza peel.  The file not only includes the laser cut pizza peel templates, but also the taper jig for the drum sander that she used in the video.
Pizza Peel Laser Template

Project Notes

The files included in this download are:

Templates for the pizza peel itself, which can be used to create laser cut pizza peels out of any thickness wood that your machine can handle.

The file for the taper jig used to taper the edge on the drum sander is also included.

Suggested Materials

The template in the video was cut out of 1/4″ plywood but this design is not limited to a specific thickness. The taper jig was specifically designed for 1/4″ Plywood, and the box joints will only work with 1/4″ material.
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