Laser Cut Pineapple Faces

Use these files to laser cut acrylic faces to turn pineapples into the fineapples they were always meant to be.

Project Notes

Do not scale.

  1. Laser cut sunglasses files in acrylic. Leave masking material on.

2. Spray paint over each pair of sunglasses and let dry.

3. Peel off masking material to reveal acrylic mini shades.

4. Laser cut mouth designs in 1/8″ plywood.

5. Laser cut pegs in 1/8″ acrylic or plywood.

6. If pegs have been laser cut in acrylic they can be pressed directly into a pineapple. Then place features onto them. If pegs have been cut from plywood it may be easier to first drill a pilot hole and then press into place.

Suggested Materials

1/8″ thick acrylic or plywood 1/4″ thick material can be substituted for features only, not pegs.
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