Laser Cut Inlay Vase Downloadable Files

These files don't need to be for a vase, and don't even need an inlay. It could make a great pencil or utensil container as well. If you do use it as a vase, pop a waterproof container inside before adding water and flowers.  -Brooke
Laser Cut Vase

Project Notes

Step 1: Cut pieces out of 1/4″ thick laser-safe material

Step 2: Apply a layer of painter’s tape to one side of each of the pieces with cutouts

Step 3: Mix up a batch of Razzo and add a generous amount of Aluminum chips. The more you add, the more will appear in the finished effect.

Step 4: Pour Razzo into the cutouts, overfilling slightly, and let harden for about 2.5 hours.

Step 5: Sand up to a 220 grit until the Razzo is flush with the laser ready sheet

Step 6: Using wood glue assemble the vase. This isn’t going to be water tight on its own but I still went ahead and sealed the corners with Thick wood glue, and added two generous coats of Total Boat Halcyon to the interior.

Step 7: Apply a wood finish of choice to the exterior and let soak in. I used a cutting board oil.

Step 8: I slipped a large Ball Jar into this before adding my flowers, but any container that fits will work.

Suggested Materials

1/4″ Thick Laser Ready Material, I used 5 6″ x 12″  Makers Workshop Solid Maple Laser Ready Sheets

Wood Glue

Cutting Board Oil

Total Boat Razzo:

Aluminum Chips:

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