CNC 3D Stool Files

My sister needed a new stool to replace a broken one in her kitchen. I modeled this one loosely inspired by the original IKEA design. It is a great intermediate / advanced CNC project incorporating 3D carving techniques and a two sided carve. I'm happy with how it came out and it was a fun challenge to take on.
CNC Bar Stool Seat Featured Image

Project Notes

In V-carve, even with flip machining, you will have to make this 2 separate jobs.
Be sure to home the machine to the top of the stock piece, rather than the bed of the machine.
Drill a small hole where you want the center of the chair to be so that you can align the X and Y axes exactly on both sides when you flip.
If you want to cut the stool out, you will need to hand-draw a vector circle in vcarve that is the same diameter of this stool’s circle. You can add tabs to that vector circle so that the stool does not dislodge during the cut.

Suggested Materials

I used solid wood and I would probably recommend doing the same, but in theory it could be carved out of any CNC safe material.

A base that will fit the top can be purchased here:

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