Popsicle Stick Clock

This fun CNC Router project is great for beginners.  We laminated a bunch of colorful popsicle sticks together from the dollar store to make our wood blank, but any type of wood can easily be swapped out to make a variety of different types of clocks using this design.

Popsicle Stick Clock Thumbnail

Project Notes

Suggested Materials

Included Files:

SVG of the clock body

SVG of a decorative ring that can go around the clock face to add interest.

We do not recommend scaling this file because it was sized for the clock face.

We used popsicle sticks, but any type of material can be used for this file.

Affiliate links for the materials we used:

Rainbow Popsicle Sticks 
Titebond III Wood Glue
Clock Face
Satin Wipe-On Poly




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