Remote Learning Summer Program 2020 Registration

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Remote Learning Summer Program 2020 Registration

Because of COVID-19 we have reimagined our Summer Program!

One of the most frustrating things during this time has been handling so much “unknown.”

For our Summer Program we didn't want to leave things in a state of flux as it only serves to make it difficult to plan the best program possible on our end, and also difficult to for families to know what to anticipate. we have completely reimagined the Makers Workshop Summer Program for 2020. This program will keep social distancing in tact, while encouraging the same educational values as always, and incorporating a sense of camaraderie amongst students. 

The program is remote but focused first and foremost on ENGAGING students. It will roughly work as follows:

The weekend prior to your scheduled week families will pick up a bin of supplies for their student at the Makerspace. This will include any necessary tools, technology, and computers with software required to complete the course. 

Materials will be in wrapped packages so that students can look forward to opening them up as the program progresses, and be surprised by what the next build or challenge is as the week unfolds. Some lessons will be self directed, with entertaining and educational pre recorded video lessons to accompany. Additionally each day will include at least 1 live instructor lead Zoom lesson as well as a designated Zoom specifically focused on socializing, playing games, asking/answering questions about the builds, and showing off work to their peers.  We will cover topics like robotics, electrical circuits, Laser Cutting, 3D Modeling, and assembly. 

Projects will be varied week-to-week to accommodate our students who attend more than 1 week.   

At the conclusion of the program families will return the tools and computers to the workshop. 

We are incredibly excited about what we are putting together and in a time when so much is up in the air, we can confidently say that Makers Workshop Summer Program will be a fantastic educational opportunity for students. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions. Stay tuned for photos of a typical materials package for a week of Summer Program. 

Although it is a remote learning program parents MUST be able to pick up materials the Sunday prior to the program and return any iPads and tools following the program. We are NOT going to be shipping our technology so the program is suited for students living locally to Makers Workshop. 

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