How to Rough Cut and Mill Your Own Lumber

Posted by Tips and Tricks on Jul 10th 2019

Today Michael shares how to rough cut wood from the yard for use in wood working projects! We live in a wooded area and often deal with down trees. Why not turn them into free raw material?

This is the first video in a 3 part tips and tricks edition on milling and drying wood. Look out for the next two videos which will cover a few different techniques to dry the wood and then the final milling of the dried wood to complete the process.

The only tool required for this phase is a band saw. The band saw shown is our new Laguna 14 Twelve; so far we love it.


Firewood, branches, tree trunks and other wood from your yard

Tools (most of these links are affiliate links):

Laguna 14/12 Bandsaw

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